How to Use Facebook Video Cards for Business


How to Use Facebook Video Cards for Business

Discover how to use Facebook video cards for business.

Facebook’s Say Thanks tool is an easy way to create and share personalized Facebook video cards.

At first glance, Facebook video cards appear to be only for close friends. However, you can use them in a variety of situations. In this article I’ll focus on how you can use them for clients and employees.

To create a video card, log into Facebook and go to the Say Thanks page. Then on the left side of the screen, choose the Facebook friend who will receive the video.


Facebook video cards are an easy way to send a quick thank-you to a client or business partner.

Next, choose a theme for the video card. Your choices are Old Friends, Friends and Family.4

Select a theme for your video Facebook video.

Now choose which photos you want to use in the video. Or if you want to upload additional photos to Facebook, click the Add Photos button, navigate to the files and click Open.


You can upload photos to use in your video card.

After selecting your photos, click the video preview at the top of the page to see your completed video. If you’re happy with it, click Share Video


Decide who can see your Thank You video.

The Post on Your Timeline box opens, where you can choose who will be able to view this video. After you make your selections, click Post Video.

The video is then posted to your timeline, the friend is tagged and the video is shared on the friend’s timeline as well.

Over to You

Saying thanks isn’t just reserved for great work—it’s also a way to acknowledge that you appreciate someone’s time.

Take a few minutes to send a Say Thanks video to clients, employees and business partners. Not only does it help form a bond, it can also be a way to generate referrals and recommendations for other clients.

Have you sent a Facebook video card to a client? Was it well-received? Do you have any other suggestions on how you could use video cards to thank clients and employees? Let me know in the comments below.


Gaurav Warman


Interest rates to be benign, see 0.75% cut by Mar 2016

The much-talked about relief for PSU Banks appear convincing, says Gautam Chhaochharia, Head-India Research at UBS Securities. He admits it is difficult to predict if private sector best practices will be replicated by the PSU Banks five years down the line, but the direction is definitely positive.

19 awesome ways to make someone feel special :)

Make someone feel special

Hi…I thank you for your time & efforts to read this blog !

“It is the quality of our relationships that most determines our State”

People are Emotional. Emotions play a vital role in our social life. Generating positive emotions can be very rewarding in nurturing our relationships with people. However, not caring for the emotions of others or ignoring them, may sometimes result in big loss of genuinely good people in our life. In the absence of good people, life may turn out to be hollow. And this hollowness is difficult to beat. So the whole idea is to generate positive emotions among the people whom we come across.

Making someone feel special is a great way to generate positive emotions. It shows how important they are for you. It gives you the chance to express your feelings for them. It gives them an impression that you care for them. When someone cares for us, it gives an extreme amount of satisfaction, happiness, confidence & fulfilment. We are happily compelled to reciprocate the same. It’s a win-win situation!

We can make people feel special from any spheres of life – Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or strangers. When we make people feel special from all walks of life, our happiness, satisfaction, confidence & fulfilment level grows exponentially. So idea is to grow this circle beyond family. Bigger the circle of positive emotions, higher the rewards!

Now the question is how to make people feel special?

Here are 19 ways to make people feel special and nurture winning relationships with people –

  1. Greet with a smile– Smile is the most pleasantly contagious gesture. It says “I am not harmful”. I am “one of your tribe”. Whether you meet strangers or known people, greet them with a smile irrespective of your level of familiarity. It’s magical & gives lots of warmth to others.
  2. Look into eyes– Eyes are the most genuine form of communication. When conversing with people, look into their eyes & talk as if there is no one else around. People feel important & worthy when they are given attention, especially through eyes.
  3. Show gratitude– Remember the help given by people in tough times. The help may be in the form of Ideas, thoughts, discussion, money, time or guidance. When you succeed in life, go back to these people and say thanks for the help they gave in the past. It’s a great way of expressing gratitude. You may choose any form of expression, like –
  • A Phone call
  • An email
  • A letter
  • A beautiful bouquet
  • Express gratitude on their Facebook timeline through a post or a video card or picture
  • Personal visit
  1. Show respect– Pay respect to elders or those senior in ranks. Respect genuinely not just for the sake of it. At the back of their mind, they do notice whether you are taking their seniority genuinely or not. Win over them by paying due respect & borrow knowledge from their rich experience or wisdom.Few ways to respect are –
  • Don’t interrupt in between, ask questions at the end
  • Don’t say, you disagree instead use words like you have different opinion or you want to add something
  • Escort them to the exit
  1. Give surprises– The best way to bring a smile on the face of people is to give them surprises. Identify occasions and send them any gift as a surprise at their residence or office.
  2. Take notes– while meeting people in the formal atmosphere like clients or seniors, take notes in the diary. This captures their request, feedback or concern in the records & gives an impression that they are heard seriously. Also the notes taken are useful for you refer in future.
  3. Understand their preferences & interests– Find out the preferences & interests of people you deal in the life. Share ideas & thoughts based on their preferences & interests rather than discussing something that you like. This energizes them & opens up to winning conversations. It’s a great opportunity to build strong rapport with people. LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram are good source to know about their preferences
  4. Send personalized greetings– Everyone has important dates in their life, like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, retirement or arrival of new family members etc. Put extra effort to create a personalized image greeting & send. Use Google Images & applications like ‘Skitch or Photo Editor pro’ to create personalize greetings.
  5. Sacrifice personal comfort– At times you are expected to give a favour to people who may put you in an uncomfortable position. It may mean sacrificing personal or family time. Don’t hesitate, it’s absolutely fine. People would return the favour with extra dividends in the future.
  6. See off well– When people come to meet you at home or in office, keep courtesy to escort them till the exit. Share with them the best possible route & transportation to reach their destination back.
  7. Praise in public– For any appreciation, you want to give to others, always give it publicly. Public appreciation magnifies the praise for the receiver. And any criticism, if any should be done in private.
  8. Give credit for good work– Never take the credit of others good work. Always give the credit to people for their exceptional work. Help them to grow professionally or personally with their special talent and dedication. They would tag you as a person who is fair & genuine in approach.
  9. Keep your promises– Never over-promise to others in the first place. Be very reasonable while promising. And if promised anything, ensure you live to your promise without fail. Especially, if it’s a promise given to your Spouse….. Lol 😉
  10. Remember Names– Develop the habit of remembering names. The most special word in this universe for anyone is their name. People are in love with their name. Take some pain to remember names & let them be happy.
  11. Share personal life– Allow people to know you personally. Share details about who all are there in your family & what are they doing. Ask about their personal life as well. It develops trust & establishes transparency. It brings a great opportunity to make good friends in life.
  12. Give Endorsements– Write a short note for others about their skills, talent & qualities. Share these endorsements with them on Facebook timeline or LinkedIn profile. The best day to endorse them is on their special days like birthday.
  13. Listen genuinely– Allow people to speak and genuinely listen to them. People feel comfortable when they are heard with respect & attention. Adopt a body language which supports active listening. Avoid taking calls and messaging on phone in the presence of others. It’s kind of insulting!
  14. Take opinion– Allow interaction rather than a monologue. Try to build a consensus instead of your wishful thinking.
  15. Return calls & messages– Reply back to people for any missed calls, unanswered calls or messages. Not returning calls & messages doesn’t go unnoticed. People take these gestures very personally. When these calls & messages are returned, they are taken very positively.

Lots of Love & Regards,

Gaurav Warman

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Feeling of ‘attraction & repulsion’ comes from…!

Attraction & Repulsion

I used to always wonder… about how do we get feelings of attraction or repulsion towards strangers / acquaintances? What must be the reason for these feelings? These acquaintances have been coming across right from our childhood…to Adulthood… & will keep coming across in the old age too.

And these feelings of attraction or repulsion are not limited to strangers but it extends to our family members, siblings, cousins or relatives. I am sure we all have our favorite & loving siblings but we may not feel the same for other siblings.

This circle of our feelings originates & grows over a period of time. It starts from our family and moves to other members of society and then to people we meet in our professional lives as we grow up & become independent in life.

Let me take you to a short journey…

In the journey of life…we become friendly with some people in no time. However, some people remain strangers for us even after spending many years in the institutions like school, college, office or marriage. And some people looks to be so negative to us that we always want to avoid them despite of no conversations or may be very negligible conversation. This is known as Repulsion.

Some acquaintances are different as they stand out and we establish strong attraction towards them. This happens so naturally…just in a glimpse of a look. Even, if we have not started conversing with them. This kind of feeling, often results in long lasting Friendship, business partnerships, Love affair or in extreme situation Marriage too. This is due to Attraction.

These feelings we experience in the first meeting or few glimpses, play a very crucial role in giving a shape to our relationships with people.

However, One Second… it is only one side of the entire story. The same happens to other people who see and meet us during this journey. Even they experience same feelings of attraction & repulsion towards us. The feelings they experience, either motivates or de-motivates them to strike a rapport with us.

There are situations… where both the individuals may have opposite feelings for each other. One may feel attraction… and the other… may feel repulsion. This mismatch may be figured out in the beginning and sometimes in the later stages. In the later stages it may often result in break up or Divorce or split in business partnership.

The BIG question is why does it HAPPEN???

The reason to this question is related to a particular part of our brain. This part of our brain is responsible to ignites emotions like – Attraction & Repulsion. It is known as ‘Amygdala’ or ‘the reptilian Brain‘.

Apart from igniting these emotions, the other important function of ‘Amygdala’ is to help us SURVIVE in the world. Whenever, we see any unfavorable signs from the strangers, it instructs to take an escape route because we perceive it as possible DANGER. But when we see Favorable signs, it motivates us to approach towards them. May be… we perceive some possible REWARD. The REWARDS may be psychological, Financial, Physical or Spiritual in nature.

What are these signs that we see in strangers???

The signs we see are – facial expression, gestures, hand movements, body posture, voice tone, eyes, attire & behavior. Put all this together, it is known as Non Verbal Communication.

It happens so naturally… and instantly… at the sub conscious mind level, that we don’t realize, we are actually doing this. This part of our brain is super active in making instant judgments about strangers by processing these signs.

Depending upon the Signs received, we segregate people in these few categories –

  • Friend
  • Potential Mating Partner
  • Enemy or
  • Indifferent

So… when someone shows favorable signs, like a smiling face or making an eye contact & a hand shake, we see them as FRIEND. These FRIEND like stranger who also possess with attractive personality – beautiful abode, eyes, hair color, complexion etc… we further get interested in them to the next level. These people with naturally attractive appearance… may enhance their personality further…with amazing style statement and great personal grooming quotient. Now they become ‘Irresistible’. That’s how…we may perceive them as ‘Potential Mating Partner’.

That’s why we see Deodorant ads of on television… highlighting the better possibility of attracting the opposite sex. (On the lighter side…lol!)

Moving on to the next category…if the signs received does not match with our personal benchmark and in fact are found negative like no eye contact, grumpy face or inappropriate attire; we experience ‘Anxiety and Fear’. Because somewhere, deep down in our heart, we feel the other individual may harm us physically or psychology. And we decide to stay away from such people to avoid any potential losses. They are perceived as ‘ENEMY’.

And the last category is ‘INDIFFERENT‘. So when we don’t get any favorable or unfavorable signs from the stranger, we become indifferent towards them. This is a reaction by default in the absence of any connecting signs.

Now the interesting part in life is…we may have to go against our own feelings in some crucial situations. These situations may demand or expect us to adjust our feelings because of uncontrollable factors. Like in case of arrange marriage or working under a new Boss.

There is a famous saying…that goes like this – “you can never choose your father and boss” 🙂

The Irony of life is… in some tricky situations, we may see bigger rewards in associating with strangers but the opposite may not be true always. And that’s reason we need to put lots of efforts to impress them. Take a look at these situations –

  • Asking the girl / boy for a date
  • Proposing the girl / boy for marriage
  • Selling yourself to a interviewer for potential Job
  • Selling yourself to prospective client for a deal

Under these circumstances, it becomes imperative for us to adopt a good body language, facial expressions, eye contact, dress code and SMILE,in short good Non Verbal Communication. In case we succeed in conveying the positive signs, the other person may form a good judgment about us. And we may expect that we fall in the ‘FRIEND’ category or Vice-versa.

So the idea is to get in the right category i.e. FRIEND!

That means, Non Verbal Communication holds extreme importance as it impacts on the judgment we make for others & vice-versa. It needs utmost attention!!!

As per research done by scientists, Non Verbal Communication contributes 93% in the overall communication we do. But it’s often overlooked.

If we get our Non Verbal Communication right…it may result in a much rewarding personal & professional relationships. I request all readers, that kindly pay lot of attention on non verbal communication so it does not become an impediment. Rather make it so strong that it complements our communication with others. And the World becomes a much safer, happier and a loving place for everyone.

Wish you all a great life & amazing non verbal communication!!!

Remember – the most powerful form of non verbal communication is SMILE & Eye Contact 🙂

Please Note – The views expressed in this blog are my personal and are not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Some information shared is from my own research on Non Verbal Communication & Human Psychology.

Lots of Love,

Gaurav Warman